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The WTC & The Chornobyl Nuclear
Accident In The Apocalypse

jesus christ pictures jesus christ pictures

jesus christ pictures

Bible prophecy, sometimes is like a puzzle, written in a way that only a few pieces are meant to fit into place. A bible verse says "Therefore the word of the Lord will be to a little and there a little" (Isaiah 28:13) Notice how Revelation accurately "pictures" the World Trade Center tragedy, this prophecy written almost two thousand years ago, and pieces of the puzzle greatly resemble the tragedy of September-11-2001.
Revelation also known as the Apocalypse, from the beginning does not mention any merchants (traders) and shipmasters until chapter 18. This chapter talks of trade and wealth centered at this place.

The verses and how they relate to the WTC tragedy

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18:10 "...In one hour has thy judgement come". 18:19 "...In hour she has been laid waste." 18:17 "In one hour all this wealth has been laid waste." Interpretation: In one hour is mentioned three times, The south tower collapsed almost to the hour (56 minutes to be exact). The north tower lasted a little longer than an hour.
18:11 "And the merchants of the one buys their cargo..." Interpretation: Shows that it is world trade, and this trade has been stopped.
18:16"...bedecked with gold*..." Interpretation: The World Trade Center, had in its lower floor many tons of gold and silver.
18:17 "...all this wealth..." Interpretation: Occupying the WTC towers were offices of some of the world's wealthiest companies, plus the gold and silver.
18:18 "...what city was like the great city?" Interpretation: Since the World Trade Center was visited by 150 thousand people daily, and had more than 50 thousand people (I got this information from a newspaper) working there, was large enough to be called a city. The two towers side by side were the most imposing buildings of the world, they were world famous and of great economical importance, so what city was like the great city...It is also important to add here the fact that the WTC had it's own zip code. This was pointed out to me recently by a friend. So this reality is striking also and officially the WTC was a distinct city on it's own.
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18:8 "...and she shall be burned with fire..." 18:17,18 "shipmasters, seafaring men, and sailors...stood far off and cried out...burning of her." Interpretation: Since when "far off" out on the open sea, only tall buildings can be recognized, the "far off" hints that the great city is tall buildings, and was recognized by shipmasters, seafaring men, and sailors who no doubt cried out as they saw the burning of her.These verses also hint that the great city was close to the sea.
18:21 "...the great city be thrown down with violence....found no more.", 18:19 "...In one hour she has been laid waste." Interpretation: Any city of 12, 15, 17 million would be impossible to be "laid waste" by violence, and "found no more" in one hour, unless a nuclear bomb were dropped, but that would lay the city waste in 2, 3, 4, or 5 seconds. Jesus knew humanity would form weapons of utter and rapid destruction and placed emphasis on the one hour, and this is the finest point of the prophecy which emphasizes three times that this complete destruction would occur in one hour, as was the case with the WTC towers.
18:3 "for all nations...the merchants of the earth...", 18:11 "And the merchants...", 18:15 "The merchants of these wares...", 18:17 "...and all whose trade is on the sea...", 18:23 "...thy merchants were thy great men of the earth..." Interpretation: This is a complete jesus christ pictures focus on trade. No literal city has ever been famous only for its business. Again this is another fine point.
18:19 "...dust on their heads..." Interpretation: Thousands were covered by dust, have you ever seen more dust? You see how the prophecy points out the major details.
18:21 "...the great city be thrown down with violence....found no more." Interpretation: If the prophecy is speaking about a literal city then it would not say thrown down (fell), we never read of Berlin or Hiroshima fell, the expressions destruction, wasted, devastated are used. The only way fell (thrown down) is used, is as a metaphor, such as Paris fell to the Germans, meaning the Germans have taken control of Paris.
The most striking feature of the World Trade Center was its height, it's this fact that must have given Jesus Christ the inspiration to use the wording "thrown down." In the history of mankind there has never been a literal fall such as the fall of the twin towers. "thrown down with violence and found no more", it certainly rings a bell, how precise! Of all violent events of history this can only apply to the WTC tragedy. One can't dismiss it as mere chance as this is the only time this expression is used by the Bible where violence is mentioned, and violence is mentioned much in the Bible.
18:22 "And the sound of harpers and minstrels, of flute players and trumpeters, shal be heard in thee no more;" Interpretation: Could this mean the street musicians one could see in and around the towers?

A Final word

Reading this prophecy before the WTC tragedy one would have asked and logically have concluded that it was referring to a city of millions of inhabitants, this destruction would probably occur as a result of a nuclear bomb, or some other warfare, of which one could not figure out how it could lay a city of millions completely waste in one hour, from what is known an operation like this would need days or even weeks, whatever the way this complete destruction must come from be an act of war, one would have asked. If this is the case than how could people feel secure in standing to look at the burning of her, peoples first reaction would be to flee (note news reels of WWII). The prophecy says people (in the case of a nuclear bomb there would be no people) stood to see from inland 18:9,10 and the sea 18:17. The two towers fell as a result of violence, but not war, people felt secure to look at the burning of her, as long as they were not too close. 18:10 "...they will stand far off, in fear of her torment..."
Revelation Chapter 18, without any doubt is precise as to September-11-2001, but unless you want more detail like the prophecy saying, early in the morning before everyone arrived for work, fine clear skies on the day, or on that day John Doe will take a day off work and wont be behind his desk at the great city, then you have reason to doubt.

* From a documentary I saw on television, it is interesting and should be noted. The narrator of the documentary: "The Germans during world war 2 had gathered all the gold from countries they occupied. After the war an international committee was set up to return the gold. These countries having no finance to rebuild their cities had to exchange with America the gold for American dollars. All the gold was stored underground in Manhattan, this is the most gold ever assembled in one single place, more than half of all the world's gold is situated in Manhattan."

I had to remember the narrators wording and am certain the above is correct. I could not verify if this gold is the gold that was stored beneath the twin towers, whatever, the gold was stored in Manhattan and close to the vicinity of the towers

It seems most logical that the world's most gold ever assembled in one place to be this that is mentioned in the prophecy, again another fine point.

An email received regarding the WTC tragedy

Mr. Kevin wolter from wrote: The Revelations 18 prophecy refers to the fall of a "mystery Babylon". Throughout the bible, God refers to nations by their race, rather than their location. Neither America nor the WTC has a specific race of people associated with it. In addition, we have now taken control of the old "Babylon" so either way, at this point in history, it is America.

There are many other prophecies throughout Rev. 18 that I hope you didn't miss regarding this.

One is "Oh great city, dressed in purple, fine linen and scarlet". In biblical times, deep blue was referred to as purple. This is where "royal blue" comes from. It means dark blue. The Greek word for blue referred to sky blue. Therefore, the term means Dark Blue, Linen White and Blood Red. What country has Red, White & Blue as its colors?

It also refers to, in essence, the filth that this "Great City" peddled to the world and how the world became rich from her excess luxuries. Who else does this fit? We are the richest and most prosperous country ever. The WTC was the new tower of babble. A place of central power and finance with every nation, race and religion represented.

You are also correct about the amount of Gold & Silver held in the COMEX reserve vaults underneath. The most found anywhere, ever.

Best regards,
Kevin Wolter.

The Chornobyl Nuclear Accident

Revelation also prophesied the nuclear accident of the Ukrainian city of Chornobyl. Revelation 8:11 "The name of the star is wormwood. A third of the waters became wormwood. And many men died of the water, because it was made bitter." Interpretation: Wormwood is a flower, wormwood translated in Ukrainian means Chornobyl.
And it is a fact that this nuclear accident created a vast problem with the radioactive pollution of the waters, which had a devastating effect on the health of people in the surrounding area, and in many countries, other than Ukraine. So apart from symbols, with this prophecy we have confirmation by name, wormwood=chornobyl.

*The Apocalypse is an inspiration of Jesus Christ given to him by God, Revelation 1 "The revelation of Jesus Christ which God gave him...." And was written on the Greek island of Patmos around the year 75 A.D. by the Apostle John, and was made known to him by an angel sent by Jesus Christ, Revelation 1 "...made it known by sending his angel to his servant John." It is written in symbols and not all has to be taken literally, e.g. it talks of harlots, beasts, dragons, all these represent nations, or groups of nations, it gives clues, it gives hints, not everything has to be exactly as it finally is. One must look for the overall picture.

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